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How Musicians Can Get the Most from YouTube

YouTube has revolutionized the way musicians connect with their fans, offering an incredible platform to showcase talent and build a dedicated audience. However, effectively utilizing YouTube requires a strategic approach. In this guide, we’ll explore how musicians can leverage YouTube to maximize their exposure, expand their reach, and connect with

Music videos are a powerful medium for artists to express their creativity, connect with their audience, and enhance the impact of their songs. However, many musicians often shy away from creating music videos due to the misconception that they require a hefty budget. In reality, with some careful planning, resourcefulness,

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become a powerful platform for musicians to showcase their talent, connect with fans, and potentially launch their careers. With its massive user base and global reach, YouTube offers a plethora of opportunities for musicians to grow their fan base, gain exposure, and even monetize

Suck, the new single from Cobrah, is as scuzzy as you might expect. The Swedish underground pop princess once again conjures up a sweaty, pulse quickening banger with her signature monotone cadence and propulsive house beats. But while Suck might sound like another variation of tracks like Brand New Bitch

It’s not often that an artist gets an opportunity as significant as this: having signed with BMG, drummer/DJ DRMAGDN was given privileged access to the catalogue of the late-and-great band The Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison, which he then used to create a remix of the band’s hit single ‘Something’

If Australian producer Flume’s last album Palaces had a crowning jewel, it’s undoubtedly the haunting Sirens, featuring the sylphlike mermaid call of Caroline Polachek. With its fractured,  hydraulic bass and oscillating chords, Sirens was a hypnotic dirge that showcased the most brilliant parts of Flume’s artistry. For his remix of

Bang Bang, she shot me down; Marianna Winter sports a firearm in her newly released music video for her single ‘Consequences’. Directed by Trygvi Danielsen, the video makes its debut soon after the song was first released late last week and has already earned support from the celebrity entertainment magazine

Ritual, a bonus track that appeared on the special compilation edition of Arca’s epic Kick Cycle, has been re-released by the producer with updated vocals and a music video. In Яitual, Arca appears in a desolate, industrial space. She can be seen clad in multiple pieces of couture, combining vinyl

When remixing Shygirl’s Woe for the artist’s deluxe edition of their debut album, Nymph_0, Björk assumed the role of an elder imparting wisdom to a confused Shygirl. The result, which switches from the original to a classic Björk baroque electronica operetta, is one of the project’s more welcome surprises. In

The music video for Depeche Mode’s haunting comeback single Ghosts Again features Dave Gahan playing chess against his older self, trying to outmaneuver the inevitable end that is death. Later, he crawls on hands and knees through the mud of a cemetery as his dying body watches wistfully. Ghosts Again,

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