Q&A with the prolific pop/soul powerhouse, Sherie

We sat down with Haitian-American superstar Sherie (world renowned songwriter from her work on ‘Positions’ by Ariana Grande, among many others) to discuss her music and her expertly-produced and brilliantly captivating music video for her latest song, ‘ETA’. Based in LA, Sherie is a classically-trained violinist and singer-songwriter has gained

If Australian producer Flume’s last album Palaces had a crowning jewel, it’s undoubtedly the haunting Sirens, featuring the sylphlike mermaid call of Caroline Polachek. With its fractured,  hydraulic bass and oscillating chords, Sirens was a hypnotic dirge that showcased the most brilliant parts of Flume’s artistry. For his remix of

In 2016, vocalist ANOHNI and composer J. Ralph found themselves with an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. The song in question, Manta Ray, written for the documentary Racing Extinction, is easily one of ANOHNI’s most haunting works. A gentle ballad, the gravitas of ANOHNI’s incredibly rich timbre is

US rapper Ashnikko is a bit like Grimes if Grimes did hip-hop and made cyber drill music. The two share similar aesthetic points of view, rooted in the sort of futuristic high fantasy of video games like Skyrim and Final Fantasy. In the music video for her latest single and

Ritual, a bonus track that appeared on the special compilation edition of Arca’s epic Kick Cycle, has been re-released by the producer with updated vocals and a music video. In Яitual, Arca appears in a desolate, industrial space. She can be seen clad in multiple pieces of couture, combining vinyl

When remixing Shygirl’s Woe for the artist’s deluxe edition of their debut album, Nymph_0, Björk assumed the role of an elder imparting wisdom to a confused Shygirl. The result, which switches from the original to a classic Björk baroque electronica operetta, is one of the project’s more welcome surprises. In

Taken from her debut album With A Hammer, on Passed By Me Korean-American producer Yaeji turns toward viscous trip-hop with a haze of amorphous psychedelia. The accompanying music video leans into the latter, featuring Yaeji in multiple surreal vignettes that read like a loose adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. She

The music video for Depeche Mode’s haunting comeback single Ghosts Again features Dave Gahan playing chess against his older self, trying to outmaneuver the inevitable end that is death. Later, he crawls on hands and knees through the mud of a cemetery as his dying body watches wistfully. Ghosts Again,

Caroline Polachek has shared the music video for her latest single, Welcome To My Island, taken from her upcoming album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. The video sees Polachek move through a number of surreal scenes, some recalling her previous videos for songs like So Hot You’re Hurting

Björk has released a music video for the song Sorrowful Soil, taken from her latest album Fossora. Directed by Viðar Logi, the video was filmed at the site of the recently erupted volcano Fagradalsfjall. Filmed entirely in an oval frame, Sorrowful Soil sees Björk sing one of the eulogies to

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