Flume, Caroline Polachek, Tourist – Sirens (Tourist Remix)

If Australian producer Flume’s last album Palaces had a crowning jewel, it’s undoubtedly the haunting Sirens, featuring the sylphlike mermaid call of Caroline Polachek. With its fractured,  hydraulic bass and oscillating chords, Sirens was a hypnotic dirge that showcased the most brilliant parts of Flume’s artistry. For his remix of the track, Tourist wisely builds his version around Polachek’s voice, isolating these behind wells of sparse, distorted beats that dissolve into sophisticated garage with buoyant bass to boot. Retaining the integrity of the original, Tourist pivots Sirens into a more clubready style without sacrificing impact. Check out the trippy, 3D animated visualiser below. 


Download and stream Palaces : The Remixes Pt.3 here