Roundup, Nov #1

Welcome to November. We roundup our favourite releases of the week and first of the new month. Listen below.

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Eartheater, DOSS – High Tide (DOSS Remix)

Enigmatic producer DOSS adds her signature ‘doof doofs’ to Eartheater’s witch house dirge, pulling it from the seance and straight to the club. DOSS pulls from 90’s trance and classic rave styles here, creating something that feels as mystical as the original, in a whole new way. 


Alice Longyu Gao – Monk

Hyperpop innovator Alice Longyu Gao has been finding her feet lately, and latest single Monk is a surprising pivot. Trading chrome-plated synths for chugging guitars, Gao delivers a riot girl punk anthem full of angst and fervour. It’s a promising new direction for the artist, one which feels like a natural progression. 


QUE DJ and DJ Lag – Where’s Your Father

The much hyped and anticipated meeting of two of gqom’s most celebrated pioneers is finally here, and it’s predictably massive. Where’s Your Father plays like a grime track, featuring an urgent refrain that touches on feelings of futility. Lag and Que’s production is, for lack of a better word, insane. It’s pure gqom onslaught, from the whirring industrial synths to the whomping bass. In short: this thing whacks. 


Fracture, Eastman – 0860

Inspired by the history of UK pirate radio, British producer Fracture’s latest project expands beyond the album format and includes a radio station and interview series. Title track 0860 pretty much sums up the project’s thesis statement, surges through phases of UKG, jungle, and electric drum’n’bass, it’s a celebratory pastiche of the UK electronic music underground.