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PLAYY. Mix #168 – Beacon

  For Brooklyn duo Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, AKA Beacon, dance music goes deeper than the somatic – it’s also an invitation to explore the labyrinthine potential of the cerebral. “We’ve always been drawn to abstract brush strokes in dance music,” they say, speaking toward how each mix

Atlanta’s Nikki Nair is sort of unmatched when it comes to creating dexterous and ever mutating formulations of breakbeats and club sounds. Defining Nair’s work per-se is nearly impossible, in the span of three minutes he could surge from footwork to drill’n’bass to dubstep and back again. Last year’s excellent

Every once in a while, a concept album comes along that toes the line between entirely self-indulgent and astonishingly brilliant. There was 1975’s compilation of rock and roll legends like Joni Mitchell writing songs about Spider Man, Green Day’s entire mid-2000’s catalogue (and subsequent broadway musical), possibly everything by Kate

The phrase ‘disrupting techno’ is one that gets thrown around a lot in electronic music and critics circles, usually in reference to an act who breaks the mould of techno purism, but for all accounts is still making techno. As a style born as a form of disruption in of

Last year, French electrohouse maestro Vitalic promised to crash land back onto the scene with music that clashed “electro-mutant disco” with techno. Prophesied as a return to form toward his electro-funk roots, Dissidænce Episode 1 mostly delivered on its promise in its first half. The rest lapsed back into familiar

From blissed out new age techno to Arca updating Laurie Anderson for the post-club landscape, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. In no particular order: Pussy Riot – PUNISH Russian feminist punk-anarchist collective Pussy Riot has taken many shapes and forms over the years. From their early days

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Helena Hauff is German producer and DJ currently based in Hamburg. Strictly focused on using analogue gear, Hauff’s sound can be best described as dark, gritty and atmospheric, blending together elements of industrial, EBM and techno to cleverly construct her own unique, distinctive sound. Previously working

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