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HEAT – Tove Lo, SG Lewis

  Tove Lo and SG Lewis are one of those special pop star-producer combinations. What they bring out in each other is unique to their partnership – a creative synergy so electric, the music they create together often feels another echelon to the rest of their discography. HEAT, the pair’s

When the ex-duo, now solo act, Crookers dropped a new EP out of thin air following years of reclusion, I immediately texted one of my best friends. “I don’t like it!,” was his almost immediate response. This friend’s taste and instinct for what’s hip and happening is something I’ve come

From dark industrial bass to new music from a legendary techno act, we roundup our favourite tracks of the week. Listen below.    Shygirl – Playboy / Positions In revealing the deluxe version of her debut album Nymph, UK rapper and pop artist Shygirl has shared remixes of Nymph tracks

When speaking with Andy Butler, better known as the creator of ever evolving electronic music act Hercules & Love Affair, you’ll find yourself struck by his cool, assured demeanour. He exudes a quiet strength, the same sort of turbulent romance you can hear in the DNA of the music he

Featuring remixes old and new and tracks from club music’s brightest new visionaries, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Madonna, Felix Da Housecat – American Life (Felix Da Housecat’s

On 2018’s ZEBRA, Australian producer Alexis Georgopoulos, AKA Arp, crafted a record of considered, near immaculate psychtronica. Alongside a bevy of collaborators, Arp created an impressively detailed soundscape that traversed the planes between nature and science fiction. ZEBRA was an eclectic, sometimes transcendent, landscape of earthy drum loops, sunny keys,

When you read the bio (or rather, thesis statement) for former Ava Luna band member Becca Kauffman’s current music project Jennifer Vanilla, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling like you’re reading the mission statement of a trendy new startup. Described as “the entrepreneurial fantasy vessel and avatar-cultivation experiment LARPed* into

Oh, electroclash. That glorious moment between the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the sound of the European underground was defined by a seedy sort of glamour, simultaneously grimey and glittery in the name of vanity, hedonism, and deliciously louche excess. Pulling both visual and sonic aesthetics from the New

Last year, French electrohouse maestro Vitalic promised to crash land back onto the scene with music that clashed “electro-mutant disco” with techno. Prophesied as a return to form toward his electro-funk roots, Dissidænce Episode 1 mostly delivered on its promise in its first half. The rest lapsed back into familiar

Belgian-Caribbean musician Charlotte Adigéry has often been referred to as the future of dance music. This isn’t an unfounded observation; there’s certainly no one quite like her active in the sphere of electronic and left-field pop right now. Central to Adigéry’s artistry, and part of her progressive allure, is her

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