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Fort Romeau – Be With U

When it comes to describing the nature of the house music that Fort Romeau is in the business of making, the word to use is, without a doubt, ‘romantic.’ Only this can describe his affinity for heartstring pulling, emotion stirring sonnets of club music painted in operatic chiaroscuro, swinging between

The past two years have seen German producer Bryan Müller, AKA Skee Mask, establish himself as a contemporary visionary in electronic music. His sound, which spans from vaporous manifestations of techno to minimal deconstructions of bass and breaks, gathers influences from leaders in club music over the past two decades

It was surprising to learn that French electronic musician and DJ MAGA has his origins in South Africa. But then, you can hear it in his approach to music. The minimal, low-key tech that MAGA both plays and creates has the same sort of languid, breezy energy as Cape Town,

The electronic music that comes from the North of Europe has always been distinct, as if echoing the terrains of its point of origin. Icy and ethereal, there’s a sort of primordial mysticism that can be felt in The Knife or Jenny Hval, or the pitch perfect emotional alchemy of

If the name Yulia Niko is not one you’re familiar with yet, chances are that’s about to change fairly soon. Finding her way to music at fifteen after buying ‘Western music’ from her local record store, Niko has since been crafting music that combines European minimal tech with the groove

Austrian duo HVOB were discovered via SoundCloud. Part of a wave of early 2010’s producers whose break came inherently tied to burgeoning internet culture, what set them apart was not their presentation online, but rather as a live act. At the fore of the then emerging trend of combining live

The phrase ‘disrupting techno’ is one that gets thrown around a lot in electronic music and critics circles, usually in reference to an act who breaks the mould of techno purism, but for all accounts is still making techno. As a style born as a form of disruption in of

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