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Q+A : Five minutes with MANTi

On Renegade, the B-side off MANTi’s Call Out EP, lush afrohouse beats sprawl atop a low, ominous hum – a hum that grows more urgent, before catalysing into a buzzing onslaught of shuddering bass and industrial synths. The whole thing seethes with gargantuan energy, fusing together influences from a myriad

Remember that time an AI deepfaked Drake and The Weeknd, releasing a song that ultimately became a viral hit before being erased from streaming services? Or that other time that Spotify erased over 1000 AI generated songs from its library, only to reinstate them a week later? Like it or

Spotify’s contentious new feature, Spotify DJ, is now available to paid users in the UK and Ireland. Developed in collaboration with Sonantic, a voice technology company, and OpenAI, Spotify DJ aims to provide a more personalised listening experience. While AI has long powered Spotify’s recommendation algorithms, this feature takes it

Apple has introduced a new feature in its Apple Maps and Apple Music apps that enables users to discover concerts in select locations worldwide. Called Apple Music Guides, this concert discovery feature utilises information from Bandsintown and currently includes 10 cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. The feature

Google has confirmed that it will not delete inactive YouTube accounts, contrary to recent concerns. Previously, there were worries that the company’s statement about permanently deleting accounts inactive for over two years could result in the removal of significant portions of YouTube’s music archives, including original and rare music uploads.

Duolingo, the language learning app known for its green owl mascot, is reportedly planning to add music lessons to its platform.  According to MusicTech, the company, which currently has over 500 million users, has advertised a job for a Learning Scientist for Music on its website. The job listing explains

Aslice, a software designed to pay producers when their music is played by DJs, has teamed up with promotion platform FATdrop to enable producers to be paid before their music is released. The collaboration involves producers sharing their releases’ metadata with Aslice via the FATdrop interface. The metadata can then

The Human Artistry Campaign has announced the launch of a new coalition that is urging artificial intelligence (AI) to consider human “creators’ interests”. The coalition consists of over 40 industries including music, entertainment, sports and literature. It aims to protect “human creativity” and requires that AI requires permission from copyright

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has faced criticism from artists and other members of the music industry for reducing royalty payments on songs played through its Discovery feed.  Under the expanded plans of its Discovery Mode feature, Spotify will decrease royalty payments for streams in exchange for increased exposure

Spotify has launched a new feature within its app called DJ which aims to provide a personalised experience for users by using AI-powered technology.  The feature will offer a curated line-up of music and commentary around the tracks chosen for each specific user. It also comes with a “stunningly realistic

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