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Maara – The Ancient Truth

Canada’s Maara-Louisa Dunbar has sort of experienced her rise as an underground club superstar at the speed of a DMT hit. Like DMT, the whole thing has felt much longer than it actually is. In just two years, Dunbar has mastered the craft of DJing and established a singular creative

In Tony Kushner’s iconic play Angels in America, the main character, Prior, experiences visions of angels and embraces his role as a prophet while battling AIDS. This interpretation of death as a spiritual awakening resonates with FKA Redcar, also known as Christine and the Queens or, simply, Chris. Chris, like

Ana Roxanne and Brian Piñeyro, AKA DJ Python, may fall on opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but that only makes their joint project Natural Wonder Beauty Concept all the more captivating. On their first single, Sword, they find a middle ground between Roxanne’s dream pop aesthetic and Piñeyro’s dembow-inspired

Christine and the Queens’ forthcoming album, PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE, is a body of work heavily inspired by Tony Kushner’s seminal work, Angels In America. The play, set in a desolate 90’s New York amidst the AIDS pandemic, flutters between a greyscale urban reality and fuchsia tinged fantasia. The latest

It’s been an interesting week for Kieran Hebden, AKA Four Tet, who just closed Coachella’s second weekend last minute alongside his newfound brothers Skrillex and Fred Again.. . In this sense, the serenity of Four Tet’s latest single Three Drums feels delightfully endearing. There’s a real sense of stillness and

You know that moment in a Looney Tunes skit where a dangling anvil suddenly falls on someone’s head, burying them into the ground, as the orchestra swells in a farcical phrase? Consider how macabre an image that is, which through the lens of cartoonish humour, suddenly becomes joyous. With A

It’s astounding that New York producer and Incienso founder Anthony Naples churns out such a steady stream of music without ever forsaking quality. Whether its the hypnotic ambient-adjacent soundscapes of Chameleon, or the pulsating reggaeton-techno of Club Pez,  it’s a testament not only to his unquestionable talent, but his distinct

Taken from her debut album With A Hammer, on Passed By Me Korean-American producer Yaeji turns toward viscous trip-hop with a haze of amorphous psychedelia. The accompanying music video leans into the latter, featuring Yaeji in multiple surreal vignettes that read like a loose adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. She

In 2016, Clara Cappagali and Armand Bultheel happened upon the biggest hit of their careers so far. For a moment, it felt impossible to avoid the New Wave pulse of Prettiest Virgin on indie blogs and playlists, the song becoming a sleeper hit for left field tastemakers and the fortunate

IDM duo Autechre have released a five and a half hour long mix to celebrate the re-release of their seminal 1992 compilation for Warp, Artificial Intelligence. The mix features music from 100 different artists who inspired the duo’s direction in the 90’s. The mix appeared online just before the new

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