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PLAYY. Mix #176 – Cuebrick

Renowned as a sought-after force in European dance music, Cuebrick has carved his name into the global electronic scene through sheer talent. Raised on progressive house, his meteoric rise from local act to international sensation has been nothing short of remarkable. Cuebrick’s musical path is lined with releases on major

Hailing from San Diego, California, PEPPERJVACK has rapidly emerged as a captivating and innovative creator in the dance music space. Breaking onto the scene in 2022, Jack Shelledy began releasing multiple tracks under the PEPPERJVCK alias on Lucas Estrada’s label Loudkult. Calling upon his classical training, PEPPERJVCK combines his orchestral background

Dutch DJ and producer Sandro Silva established himself as one of the pioneers in modern electronic dance music quite early on. Discovered and embraced at a young age by the likes of Tiësto, David Guetta and Calvin Harris, he enjoyed massive successes early on in his career. Back in 2011

For Niklas Heidkamp, aka LYOD, the ingredient that’s been missing most in contemporary dance music is emotion. For me it’s important that feelings come across and it moves people,” he said, making  it his mission to create music that satisfies both feeling and energy. It’s been a winning formula for

Despite him being touted as an emerging force in the melodic techno scene just a few years ago, Dutch producer Rob Hes’ experience spans much further. Arriving at his current style of energetic yet melodically driven techno has been an evolution three decades in the making, an evolution that Hes

Marten Hørger has been making waves in the music scene with his unique take on bass house, a take that’s seen the producer garner immense acclaim from releases on the likes of Musical Freedom, Confession, and Breakbeat Kaos. He’s collaborated with renowned artists including David Guetta, Tchami, and DJ Fresch,

Child Of is a talented producer hailing from New York City, known for crafting melodic house and techno tracks that possess a distinct sonic identity. With a diverse range of musical influences, Child Of’s journey began as a guitarist in influential bands, navigating the global stage. However, a natural transition

A stalwart of Madrid’s vibrant club scene, Spanish DJ and producer Landikhan has established himself as one of the most authentic electronic artists on the circuit, presenting a sound palette that’s as diversely pleasing as it is refined. A staunch contributor to the house and electronica scape for many years

This week, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh, contemporary house music that isn’t afraid to pop off. See what we have on repeat below.    Jessy Lanza -Don’t Leave Me Now  The latest single from Canadian producer Jessy Lanza is her first since relocating to LA, and

Over the past five years, Elderbrook has become a name synonymous with pushing the boundaries of tech house. Approaching dance music with a singer-songwriter sensibility, what Elderbrook actually does is craft a vision of contemporary folk music. Deeply emotive, sometimes pensive, but always beautiful, Elderbrook’s music takes shape as anecdotes

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