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Tzusing – 绿帽 Green Hat

Speaking to Resident Advisor in 2017, Malaysian born producer Tzusing confessed, “I feel like I’m culturally appropriating my own culture because I don’t know it that well. It’s my background, but I’m getting it from [a] corny Hong Kong movie.” It’s the sort of sentiment that likely resonates with anyone

Taken from her upcoming debut EP Fuoriorario, out tomorrow on Evar Records, on The Darkness Within, Italy’s NARA offers a full display of her skills in spatial music making. Taking hard hitting, big room techno a step further, NARA turns her demented production into a 3D rendering of madness. A

Last year, Berlin by way of Istanbul DJ and producer Nene H released her debut album and one of the most poignant techno releases in recent memory. A cenotaph to her father, Ali was a work rooted in grief but which confronted grief’s lesser seen faces. The grief Nene H

German duo Schwefelgelb have always preferred to refer to their techno as ‘body music.’ Indeed, theirs is one of the most programmed to propulsive to come out of Berlin, full of heart pounding bass and incessant, relentless beats. Their body music takes no prisoners, and has always done so by

Helena Hauff doesn’t half-arse things easily. In the past few years, the Hamburg DJ and producer has earned a reputation for playing and creating some of the hardest hitting electronic music around. In the words of mixmag, this is music that favours “raw and incendiary sounds.” Her latest single, Touching Plastic,

Image: Nyege Nyege The music East Africa refers to as ‘techno’ stands in stark contrast to what we understand as techno in the Western canon, taking the form of mind bending abstract sound collages and works of noise art. Like it’s Western counterpart, East Africa’s techno is very much a

Image: n-PLEX This far into the era of lockdown, the relentless thud and rattling synths of 130BPM hard techno feel like a strange fever dream or the sound of a memory from another lifetime. Never before has the pounding snarl of the sound of the underground felt so out of

Image: Naafi Manuka Honey, like her namesake, is a rare and alluring talent. There is a captivating etherealness about the London based DJ and producer, and her work as an astrologer only deepens the mystique. Drawing from the grooves of her Pakistani-Latin heritage, her eclectic DJ sets combining folky cumbia

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrao “Creating music is an ecstatic and deeply emotional moment.” Warsaw’s analog techno maverick Jurek Przeździecki AKA Epi Centrum is one of the more powerful and uncompromising voices in former Eastern Bloc electronic music scene. Przeździecki has been producing music for over two decades and, over the

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