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Maara – The Ancient Truth

Canada’s Maara-Louisa Dunbar has sort of experienced her rise as an underground club superstar at the speed of a DMT hit. Like DMT, the whole thing has felt much longer than it actually is. In just two years, Dunbar has mastered the craft of DJing and established a singular creative

British producer Jack Latham, AKA Jam City, is often overlooked for his contributions to the current direction of dance oriented pop music and the sound of the underground. His unique style combines influences from across genres such as grime, R&B, and electronic, and since his lauded 2012 debut Classical Curves,

Kachina have brought out the killer title-track from their upcoming EP, ‘Eyes Of March’ via Affectionate Grooves & NexGen music. With groovy reggae-infusions and echoes of classic drum ‘n bass beats, the ‘Eyes Of March’ single is a graceful nod to UK garage history, while staying fresh with contemporary flair.

ZULI, Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ will release his latest hallucinatory EP Trigger Finger on May 5th via Haunter Records. Following previous EPs and collaborations, ZULI has truly mastered his game with the upcoming EP; six new experimental-bass-heavy-glitchy-electronic hits from the Cairo-based beatmaker is sure to turn heads, pop ears and drop jaws.

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