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After unveiling single after single and video after video, Offshore Music Ph signee ena mori has graced us with her debut album, DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE! The project is a holistic body of work, containing a variety of moods and vulnerable moments. One such moment occurs during the verse

Le Couleur are kicking off 2022 with a bang as they release a deluxe edition of the Concorde LP and embark on a new tour around the UK. The band will soon be arriving in England for a bumper to bumper show, with the first performance starting next Wednesday at

 Image credit: Nir Arieli Ori Mark, writer turned singer, has just shared his debut single ‘War’ under the sobriquet Tee Dee Dees. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, the singer embraced his inner “indie pop diva” at the age of 37, taking a step away from his current career as chief editor

Order Concorde vinyl Le Couleur, a French-disco meets synth-pop band, have allowed will allow the purchase of a limited edition 12” vinyl copy of their new album, Concorde. The album will be available digitally on the 11th of September but we think this one is worth adding to your permanent

 Image credit: Gabrielle Demers  Currently sitting over 10.9 million plays across streaming platforms, Canadian-based French disco and synth-pop band Le Couleur have released their beaming 70’s inspired single  ‘Désert’ via Libson Lux Records.  ‘Désert’  will feature on their upcoming album release titled Concorde (September 2020). The band is fronted by

Mick Southerland is a Texas-based Deep Retrowave artist inspired by classic electronic pop sounds. Riding the wave generated by the turbulence across the globe, Mick delivers a slice of funky synth-pop beckoning ‘Sweet Change’. The Playground · [PREMIERE] Mick Southerland – Sweet Change How have you refined your craft in

Borusiade | Fortunate Isolation | Dark Entries Release Date: 7 February, 2020 Haunting theatrics lurks within the bewitching twilight of Borusiade’s auditory personality; the gloaming of her gothic 80’s synth-pop, gritty industrial and dark techno bares painful truths many of us can relate to, while still shimmering with a dark

By Jenna Dreisenstock Valentine’s Day – it’s one of those holidays that people either adore, or despise. It could be anything from the thought of a lovely candlelit romance with a significant other – the sadness that comes with the pressure society places on us to be in a relationship

By Jenna Dreisenstock Feature Image: L’Impératrice: (full credits in video link) In the music world January is renowned for starting off relatively slow with releases, yet increasing in momentum as the month progress – and goodness, this month the momentum has been staggering! All types of new and upcoming releases

Gorillaz | The Now Now | Parlophone / Warner Bros. Records Release date: 29 June 2018 Written by Jenna Dreisenstock An introspection in hotel rooms; unmade beds and twilight moonbeam – an insomniac in reflective melancholia – presented in bold enthusiasm, a driving dance in the closet of the mind.

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