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Q+A: 5 minutes with Wareika

German electronic triplet Wareika has released their latest LP, a 45-minute unity divided in two parts, via the Ornaments imprint. Titled, Tizinabi, the album is a hybrid of sizzling Jazzy guitar, and synthetic tonal accents, with vocal scats demarcating the in-between spaces and giving swing to the rhythmically complex composition.

Art can come from anywhere. A wealthy neighbourhood. A run-down household. Sometimes, musicians rise from formal fields of study. And Amber Jones is one such artist. As a nurse, she helps others through her efforts, and as a musician, she hopes to do the same, while simultaneously fulfilling her deep

Hevi Levi is a much-supported producer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He is not only a DJ, though he sports the heavyweight accolade of being a resident DJ for Manchester United Football Club, but also a label founder and an educator, with his brand, which he has named Joy, being the

Kinobe is heading toward the launch of their newest album, Over The Horizon, on the 4th of August. And with that, the much-supported band has given listeners a fragment of the greater whole that is yet to come. Their recently released single, ‘Falling Star’, is precisely what you might expect

Black Light White Light is a band of the moments, a band who follows their collective intuitions instead of formulas or predetermined plans. Where other bands attempt, albeit unsuccessfully, to squeeze their music into a mould one size too small, Black Light White Light does the exact opposite.  Stream /

Readying themselves and listeners for their sophomore album, Irish Indie Rock band The Burma present their latest fuzzy single, ‘23’, a cloudy haze of inverted vocal reverberations, pillow-soft notes, and underwater instrumentations. Dunked in goopy fuzz, the track fizzles like an ice-cold soda on a hot summer’s day.  Stream /

Today’s guest is vaghy, a Théque Records-signed composer who recently shared a filmic music video for his already released single ‘Bite’. For vaghy, the piano is his chosen medium and muse. Using the minor blacks and major whites to express himself, he breathes life into twinkling classical records in an

With deep reasons for creating art, Unpropped is unafraid of stepping beyond the boundaries. His latest offering, ‘Nousle’, is a palpitating track that skirts the edge of the musical ‘known’, chasing ever-onward like a steamroller on a well-oiled track.  Stream ‘Nousle’ on Spotify – iTunes The rising artist cites the

Bang Bang, she shot me down; Marianna Winter sports a firearm in her newly released music video for her single ‘Consequences’. Directed by Trygvi Danielsen, the video makes its debut soon after the song was first released late last week and has already earned support from the celebrity entertainment magazine

From his birthplace in Tuscany to his musical haven in the UK, musician Marti West travels the route of classic songwriting with his latest single ‘Nobody Knows Me (Like You)’, keeping to the essentials: drums, guitar, vocals, and good ol’ ‘80s synth lines.  The whole thing feels very vintage, with

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