Rye Catchers shares enigmatic and versatile LP ‘Covers and Concepts’


Rye Catchers returns with an exciting new offering in Covers and Concepts, shared on September 22nd, 2023. Delivering a full range of talent and moods, there’s an exciting mix of genres, from several hard pop / alt rock originals to a more gentler style towards the end of the album. 


With an impressive array of talent carefully chosen for each song, the final product is a journey that reimagines several cover tunes, ranging from RATT’s ‘80s hair metal anthem ‘Round and Round’ to the delicate yet powerful ballad from the same era by Double, ‘Captain of Her Heart.’ There is also a gorgeous bossa nova rendition of the Cole Porter classic ‘Night and Day’ as the gentle finale. Conceptual and evolving, the album unfolds as a journey, with an exciting listening experience from start to finish.


With its deep variety and musicality, Rye Catchers enlisted an A-team of collaborators for this endeavor. Noteworthy musicians who appear on the album include famed bassist Timothy Lefebvre (David Bowie, KNOWER, The Black Crowes, Sting), Latin bassist Isaias Elpes (Gloria Estefan, Dave Grusin), Latin guitarist JP Mourao (Selena Gomez, Snoop Dogg), session singer and voice actor Nikki Simmons, live horn arrangements by Horn House, Milwaukee guitarist Sean Williamson, session guitarist Niels van der Steenhoven and multi-instrumentalist and singer Ryan Whyte Maloney.


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