Indie-pop duo Firewoodisland release LP with special announcement

In light of our current global circumstance, the Bristol-based indie-pop duo shares some positive news, “We have entered weird times, with all this self-isolating and fear spreading about Coronavirus. Between news articles and opinions crowding our social media news feeds, it’s hard to escape the panic and confusion. However, social media is an amazing tool and we want to grasp the incredible power of it and use it to spread hope and joy.”

“Seeing as we have evenings now free because of lack of physical concerts, we are hoping to live stream them from our living room, having friends of Firewoodisland over each date to play their music with us. These living room sessions will be super interactive where people can message in and we will converse back and forth between songs. We want people to feel connected and appreciated during this time, we want to beat loneliness, and promote community spirit.”

Firewoodisland has released their self-titled second album, featuring the noteworthy ‘Time Reveals It All’, via Firewoodisland Records. The tracks were written, produced and mixed by Stian himself, while the mastering was handled by Chris Sanson (Highasakite, Thomas Dybdahl). Firewoodisland’s first single of 2020, ‘Sprinter’, secured them A-Listing on BBC Radio Wales while their double single ‘Ataraxic’ / ‘Drop Everything’ was premiered via Wonderland Magazine. Embracing climatic and orchestral finishes, Firewoodisland shows care and dedication to their work with the self-titled LP. The tender and compassionate lyrics that run rifle through the album pair beautifully with the cinematic soundscapes and soaring vocals ranges. ‘Time Reveals It All’ reveals itself as a healing song, providing a warm sonic embrace to the listener with an array of ethereal embellishments to highlight the timeless quality of the track. Pensive and introspective lyrics can be found throughout the Firewoodisland LP however the occasional arrival of a lively piano melody or punchy percussion provides balance to this, ensuring the tone doesn’t fall too low.  

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