PREMIERE: Firewoodisland share stirring self-titled LP

The bristol-based indie-pop duo, Firewoodisland have created the moving self-titled LP that dances with orchestral instruments, soaring soundscapes, and cinematic journies.

Firewoodisland have also announced that in an effort to spread hope and joy, they will be holding Weekly Online Livingroom Concerts with local bands. You can find further info on how to catch these special events via their socials below. 

“We self-titled this album because we finally felt like we came home to ourselves! During the creation of Firewoodisland, we went through a major maturing season, which is apparent in the songwriting, the sound and the artwork. We have fallen in love with orchestral instruments, strings and horns which, blending with digital and organic instruments help us arrive at our new sound. We really love this album, it’s close to our hearts.”, Firewoodisland give further insight into their stunning creation.

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The album is now available on CD and you can find the beautiful album artwork tees via their webshop: 

Firewoodisland Online Store

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