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Ross From Friends is in a state of evolution on the new album, ‘Tread’

Image: Brainfeeder There’s a paradox that exists within electronic music that has become more apparent in recent years. While the form exists as a result of our innate instinct to experiment, and by proxy innovate, what began as us literally playing with technology has shifted to technology playing us. The

Image: Planet Mu From mutant cumbian to erratic and complex polyrhythmic breakbeats, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. In no particular order, here’s what we’ve had on repeat.  Juan Ramos – Iniciado  Berlin collective REIF recently announced their upcoming first compilation project REIF01, and with it an epic

Image by Sabrina Feige From retro-futurist remixes to a single produced by some of the most innovative minds in contemporary music, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. In no particular order:  Alex Virgo / Purple Disco Machine: Playbox (Alex Virgo Remix)  Purple Disco Machine has become synonymous with

Image by Steve Gullick It’s criminal that Hybrid aren’t as instantly recognisable as their peers such as Aphex Twin or Massive Attack. The group’s acclaimed debut Wide Angle revolutionised the landscape of U.K breakbeat. It was an astute keying into the futurist anxieties of the turn of the millennium with

Image: Ilian Tape When German producer Bryan Müller, known by the moniker Skee Mask, released his sophomore effort Compro in 2018, it was widely praised as an immaculately designed body of work. That album was seen as a remarkable refinement of the aesthetic he had been crafting since his teenage

Zenker Brothers | Mad System | Ilian Tape Release Date: 28 April, 2020 Experimentation is always welcomed within any genre of music, and within the bustling electronic realm – especially when a lot of genres have their roots in very distinct elements such as repetitive beats – stepping outside the

Pioneering drum and bass label Reinforced is re-releasing two of its most popular and collectable records in old-skool visual disc format. These are expected to sell in a flash due to the growing nostalgia for the genre. Reinforced, the label that championed Goldie, 4hero and other drum and bass icons,

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