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Nabihah Iqbal – Sunflower

British Pakistani DJ and multi-hyphenate musician Nabihah Iqbal created her sophomore album DREAMER in the wake of tragedy. Having suffered a number of set-backs, the long worked on and nurtured original follow up to 2017’s Weighing of the Heart was stolen after her studio was burgled. Another personal tragedy would

Mixtapes are a great way for musicians to express their creativity. Free from concept, they often exhibit their maker’s freeform experimentation with different genres. Freefall is such a mixtape. Produced by 29-year-old Finnish producer Kooma, the tape extends to the analogue emulations of Lo-fi while grounding itself in the multi-voiced

UK songwriter and producer Clarence Clarity is best known for his work behind the scenes of other artists. In particular, his creative partnership with Rina Sawayama put Clarity on the map as one of the most innovative pop producers in the game today. His own work falls somewhere near the

Australian producer Jordan Alexander’s moniker ‘Mall Grab’ is a term people in skateboarding circles use to describe the way ‘posers’ hold their skateboards at the mall. Like accessories rather than serious equipment. It’s a piece of nomenclature that harkens back to Alexander’s origin point: the circa-2012 internet age. This time

eevee and cliffe have us under their hypnotic embrace with their latest collaborative single ‘villain’ via the imprint Secret Souls which is run by eevee. Both remarkable sounds, this latest release crosses between genres and the result is stunning. ‘villain’ speaks on regret and follows the narrative of feeling horrible

On this week’s roundup, we have fresh pop-leaning releases from underground artists bubbling up, and tacky techno from a master of kitsch. Listen below:   Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat. Rina Sawayama – This Hell This new single and

Within the historical streets of Stockholm you’ll find Samuel Rogstrom, expanding his musical world at every chance he gets and finding new artists to collaborate with at each turn. The artist enjoys creating music as both Sace and Silent Boy, two different creative outlets for his work. His latest collaboration

There’s loads of good stuff this week as we round up our favourite new releases, from squelchy synthpop to naughty post-punk. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat. Hot Chip – Down The latest single from UK synthpop group

It’s been nearly a week since emerging lo-fi producer Liminka released his latest single, ‘Forgive’ that wraps the listener in a blanket of mellow tones and echoing percussive elements. Since then, it’s been circling our playlists, finding itself at home next to the likes of  Bonobo, Massive Attack and Portico

With undeniable potential, multi-talented music producer Andreas Kühn has embraced his electronic moniker Liminka. We got a taste of his latest sound with the release of his song ‘Where are you now’ via Deep Heads. The track fuses downtempo and lo-fi notes to form the perfect track to let your

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