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James Holden – Contains Multitudes

James Holden’s hair is so much longer now. In a recent press shot accompanying the announcement of Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, his first album in five years, it frames his face in wisps and lustrous swoops. It’s almost mystical, hood-like and… shamanic. It’s a

Elusive American synthwave artist LORN has released a music video for his latest single, ENTROPYYY. A moody and atmospheric track, ENTROPYYY veers toward darkwave and industrial with its heavy distortion and ominous beat. Designed by artist Sagans, the music video combines various styles of animation with photography and stop-motion. Watch

This month sees Dublin composer, producer, and DJ Kormac gearing up to release his first album in almost a decade. Drawing inspiration from orchestral compositions, the multi-hyphenate artist says that this project was born from a desire to do something very different. “I basically decided I wanted to write an

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s latest album Let’s Turn It Into Sound is her most playful to date. From the visuals, featuring a 3D animated neon coloured digital avatar, to the approach to the music, Smith embraces a giddy whimsicality that at its best, brings unconditional joy in the same way an

William Orbit is like a comet. The English producer and composer had been active since the 70’s as more of a background player than main act, though every now and again, he’d experience a resurgence of sorts at the apex of the decade. Prepare to Energize in the 80’s, Fascinating

For the past 27 years, Dopplereffekt has existed as the intersection between Detroit and Germany, creating glacial and mechanical works of electro and body music under the guidance of the elusive Gerald Donald. Whereas peers like Mills, Hood, and the rest of the Underground Resistance embedded themselves and their music

2012 would prove to be an essential year for Lyon producer Gesaffelstein. Aside from his own work, in particular Viol, gaining traction, the French techno-punk producer was tapped to produce for none other than (the artist formerly known as) Kanye West. Yeezus would go on to become a groundbreaking record

Would it be amiss to refer to Tangerine Dream as a legacy act? For all accounts, the German electronic outfit is more an institution than a band. They’ve seen an ever evolving roster of artists form part of the core group since Edgar Froese founded it in 1967, with Froese

Few artists can lay claim to as diverse of a discography as Hungary’s Gábor Lázár, who’s as much at home making serpentine pieces of sound art as he is creating mutant reggaeton. 2020’s Source, his first album for Planet Mu, took his inherent abstraction in the direction of footwork and

The last we heard from Japan’s Soshi Takeda, he was making Balearic vaporwave inspired by a book of vintage Chinese landscape paintings and sounding like it could be the soundtrack to a Final Fantasy reboot for Nintendo. Floating Mountains, made entirely by using retro synths and technology, was a strikingly

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