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Remixer, Collaborator, Innovator: Welcome to R3HAB

In his project Everything Is A Remix, filmmaker Kirby Furgason makes a good point on the notion of innovation. “I think everything is a remix,” he says, “and I think this is a better way to conceive of creativity.” It’s a statement that Dutch-Moroccan DJ and producer R3HAB would likely

“Soph, is this camera on?” comes the unmistakable deep drawl of Tucker Halpern from the other side of the laptop screen. It’s 10:00 in Miami, the adopted home of New York house-pop duo Sofi Tukker and once their camera comes into focus, they’re bathed in late morning sunlight looking languorous

The hold that our phones have on our lives is often compared to an addiction – a habit that, despite our ‘we can quit at anytime’ attitude, we find it increasingly more difficult to actually press the ‘power off’ button. Considering the world in an alternate timeline; devoid of cellular

Musical biopics: the life and times of an icon, set to a catchy soundtrack – what could be better, when celebrating a legend? Singing along to our favourite songs while getting a real glimpse into the musicians past, can be an extremely powerful experience for fans and overall music lovers

Hailing from Cervia, Italy, Amycanbe presents their White Slide EP via Open Productions. Amycanbe was founded in 2002 by Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali before establishing itself as a quartet in 2005. Their debut EP Yellow Suit was released in 2005, followed by their debut album Being a Grown-Up Sure

By Jenna Dreisenstock With the release of HBO’s devastating documentary Leaving Neverland, the conversation about Michael Jackson and his alleged crimes have not died down since the release, perhaps the debate has become further heated. It seems as though the world is incredibly divided on this issue, and despite Dan

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Not long ago, I wrote an article about womxn in history who shaped the ways in which we create, explore and understand electronic music today: and how their names have been erased, their contributions glanced over and the ways in which their work built the foundation

Brendan Benson talks to Thomas Cook Magazine about his hometown, Nashville. Read here

Artrocker features Black Light White Light’s new single “High Like A Hurricane,” drawing comparisons to Black Rebel Motorcycle club. Read here

Fame Magazine features We Cut Corners’ latest single, “Best Friend,” describing it as “stunning.”  Read here

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