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Reverb shares documentary on the history of the drum machine ahead of sale of Moby’s extensive collection

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Last week Moby announced that he will be selling over 200 items from his extensive analog drum machine collection via reputable online gear and record marketplace, Reverb, and all proceeds will go to The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (read about it here). In anticipation of

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Often called “the holy grail of synthesizers”, TONTO, or The Original New Timbral Orchestra, is a legendary synthesiser that was built by Malcolm Cecil in the early ’70s and is the largest polyphonic analog synth in the world. TONTO consists of several Oberheim models, two ARP

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Although he has yet to announce an exact date, Paul Oakenfold has confirmed that he will be performing a live DJ set for fifty guests at the UNESCO World Heritage Site this September, making him the first ever DJ to do so. The historic show will

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão An art studio based in the UK called Dorothy, has designed a poster that depicts a carefully laid out series of linework and names that celebrates the people and places crucial to the history and culture of dance music. Dorothy have designed similar posters in the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock “Sometimes I regret it’s not 1937.” This admission by a Russian police officer, captured in recording as members of the punk activist music collective Pussy Riot find themselves detained after their demonstration during the FIFA World Cup final is frightening to say the least. 1937 refers to

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Not long ago, I wrote an article about womxn in history who shaped the ways in which we create, explore and understand electronic music today: and how their names have been erased, their contributions glanced over and the ways in which their work built the foundation

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Throughout the ages, ever since the very first recordings of human history – an insidious confidentiality has remained; a sickening bias that we all know as the phrase: ‘history is written by the victors.’ Despite this seemingly common knowledge, the extent to this truth delves much

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