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NME reviews Brendan Benson’s new album, “You Were Right.”

NME awards Brendan Benson’s “You Were Right” 6/10, calling it “A dependably enjoyable set of bulky, countrified rock songs….pretty much fulfils all the criteria for being a successful radio rock record.”   Read More

Brendan Benson joins Absolute Radio for a chat about his new, upcoming 6th studio album “You Were Right.”

Brendan Benson talks to Thomas Cook Magazine about his hometown, Nashville. Read here

UNCUT awards an outstanding 8/10 for Brendan Benson’s 6th studio album “You Were Right.” “Another modest triumph by the underrated songwriter…” Read here

Absolute Radio conduct a thoughtful, in-depth interview with Brendan Benson about his 6th studio album, “You Were Right.” Listen here

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