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New artist led livestream platform Echio launches

A new live-streaming platform especially designed for music artists has just launched. Echio, created by Tom Royer and Joakim Bouaziz (DJ and producer Joakim), is an artist led platform that looks to directly connect artists with fans through workshops, tutorials and Q&A sessions. The platform can also be used by

“Soph, is this camera on?” comes the unmistakable deep drawl of Tucker Halpern from the other side of the laptop screen. It’s 10:00 in Miami, the adopted home of New York house-pop duo Sofi Tukker and once their camera comes into focus, they’re bathed in late morning sunlight looking languorous

Image: Village UK ticketing company DICE has acquired Boiler Room, Resident Advisor recently reported. The move comes after DICE has announced plans to host more ticketed live-streamed content. It also comes days after Billboard reported news that DICE has procured about $122 million in investment from capital giant SoftBank’s Vision

Image courtesy Pioneer Online music streaming service Mixcloud has unveiled a new feature, Mixcloud Studio. Designed to make live-streaming more accessible and to simplify the live-stream experience, Mixcloud Studio is designed to allow users to stream directly from their browser and eliminate the need for any third-party streaming software.  Currently

Image by Anna Barclay for Glastonbury Festival via Getty Images Glastonbury Festival experienced a livestream error this past weekend when thousands of ticket holders were denied access to the stream on the night of May 22nd.  The festival announced that they would be going digital for the 2021 edition, with

The Royal Albert Hall will be hosting a programme of artists live-streaming from their home while the venues doors remain shut. For those who live outside the UK and may be unaware, The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous and absolutely beloved venues in England. As one

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