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New book gives in-depth look into influential moments in electronic music history

A new book, MusicQuake, tells the story of 50 significant events, performances, and artists who shook up the music industry. Of these 50 disruptive moments, the book identifies a number of electronic music artists and records as significant to the history of music as a whole. The book is written

The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) had its long awaited opening in Frankfurt on April 6th following multiple delays. The museum, which was first announced in 2015, looks to celebrate the history and future of electronic music through multiple exhibits and immersive installations. The museum opened with an exhibition

Image: Velocity Press A new book celebrating pioneering electronic music composers from the UK has been released. Tape Leaders: A Compendium Of Early British Electronic Music Composers, published by Velocity Press, is a richly illustrated A-Z compendium of 100 essential British electronic musicians, including  William Burroughs, Roy Cooper, Janet Beat

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão An art studio based in the UK called Dorothy, has designed a poster that depicts a carefully laid out series of linework and names that celebrates the people and places crucial to the history and culture of dance music. Dorothy have designed similar posters in the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Not long ago, I wrote an article about womxn in history who shaped the ways in which we create, explore and understand electronic music today: and how their names have been erased, their contributions glanced over and the ways in which their work built the foundation

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