Coast Through The Dreamscapes of Amycanbe’s Latest EP White Slide

Hailing from Cervia, Italy, Amycanbe presents their White Slide EP via Open Productions.

Amycanbe was founded in 2002 by Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Mercuriali before establishing itself as a quartet in 2005. Their debut EP Yellow Suit was released in 2005, followed by their debut album Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated, produced by Mario Thaler, in 2007.

The Italian dream-pop outfit’s latest offering presents us with two tracks previously featured on their 2015 album Wolf, namely the EP’s title track ‘White Slide’ and ‘5 Is The Number’. Alongside these are ‘Grano (Flow Mix by Mark Plati)’ and ‘White Slide (Live)’, two previously unpublished tracks.

The title track ‘White Slide’ features Amati’s dreamy and delicate vocals that hypnotize while the hard-hitting instrumental, featuring a heavy wobbling bassline, forges a groove for her voice to flow in. The track is both punchy and spacious, alternating between calm and lively, spirited passages.

This allows it to flow seamlessly into ‘5 Is The Number’, a dark and melancholic production fusing trip-hop and alternative rock influences. The vocals are inspiring, communicating a message of resolution and determination. The production is intricate and provides a beautiful soundscape to explore over multiple listens.

Both of these tracks were originally mixed by New York-based musician, songwriter and record producer Mark Plati who features on this EP with the bouncy, bright and infectious ‘Grano “Flow” Mix’, a remix of the vibrant opening track of 2015’s Wolf. Plati draws out the subtle elements of Amycanbe’s blissful ‘Grano’, accentuating the bubbling and growling synths and soaring electric guitars, and contributing an array of percussive sequences. The result is an extended and energized track with a soothing afterglow.

The EP closes with a live version of ‘White Slide’, a potent and controlled demonstration of the group’s ability as performers. It highlights the versatility of the quartet, presently featuring Francesca Amati (vocals), Marco Trinchillo (drums, keys), Mattia Mercuriali (guitar, bass and keys) and Mattia “Matta” Dallara (keys).

Find time for this EP, explore Amycanbe’s back catalogue and brace yourself for future releases. Amycanbe is an evergrowing force, gaining an immense amount of traction in the electronic music landscape.

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By Alaric Hobbs

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