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Newest Track ‘We Appreciate Power’ By Grimes’ and Its Affect on The Public

The influence of those with immense fame is unbelievable in the face of our modern civilisation; the ways in which major stars can change the perceptions and ideas of the general public ties back in to many articles I’ve written before regarding how those in the public eye, in the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock As is obvious, the life of a musician in the public eye can rise to levels of fame unimaginable; to the point in which often the musicians themselves can barely cope. Finding oneself in the spotlight may be a blessing, a curse or a combination of

Fame Magazine features We Cut Corners’ latest single, “Best Friend,” describing it as “stunning.”  Read here

Fame Magazine interviews We Cut Corners and discusses their new album, “Think Nothing,” and the health of Ireland’s Indie-Rock scene. Read here

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