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PLAYY. Mix #175 – Gadutra

Originally hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, transmedia artist Gadutra is a multifaceted creative whose work dances along the fringes. A DJ, cultural curator, and tattoo artist, Gadutra finds space in the counter cultures of the cities she explores. Currently based between Berlin, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, Gadutra’s sound

I was speaking with a friend recently about the complexities of reggaeton, a genre they claimed to not enjoy not because of the beats, but the often misogynistic and sexist approach to the lyrics and subject matter of mainstream hits. It’s a valid point, one that illustrates how these themes

London house music producer Bella Boo’s latest EP, Looney Talks, is a testament to her innate versatility and creativity. Best known for her ethereal approach to house music, Bella Boo takes a more contemporary, direct, and club-focused approach on this EP that speaks toward her knowledge of underground trends and

In theatre terms, the cyclorama is a blank canvas. A backdrop that blankets the walls of the stage, it can transform the scene into a sunrise, a sunset, a playing field for light to provide the illusion of depth and space. Ariel Zetina is a theatre kid. The Chicago DJ

On the spectrum of house and disco, The Soft Pink Truth can be found somewhere on the fringes of the left. The solo project of experimentalist duo Matmos’s Drew Daniel, what began as a dare has morphed into one of the most intriguing dance music acts (and arguably, cover artists)

Ardent followers of Dan Snaith, AKA Caribou, will recognise the enigmatic Daphni as the producer’s more effervescent and playful side, usually brought to life behind the DJ booth. Outside of the constraints of Caribou and himself, Daphni has arguably been responsible for some of Snaith’s most outright fun and club

Featuring remixes old and new and tracks from club music’s brightest new visionaries, we roundup our favourite releases of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Madonna, Felix Da Housecat – American Life (Felix Da Housecat’s

While Beyoncé has centred herself amidst a renaissance relocating house and dance music back to its Black roots, this shift in focus toward the Black origins of club music has been quietly raging in the underground for some time now. One case in particular: Black Rave Culture. The DC trio

Late last year, we interviewed Sofi Tukker before they embarked on their first tour since lockdown. We asked, “if there was any artist they’d want to work with, who would it be?” The answer came without hesitation: Stromae. It’s easy to see why. The Belgian singer, songwriter, and rapper emerged

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