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Saoirse – fabric presents Saorise

For Irish DJ and producer Saoirse, a fabric presents mix represents somewhat of a full circle moment. It’s a culmination of the journey she’s found herself on after moving from Dublin to London – a decision that was made on the fabric dancefloor. Since then, the trUst label boss and

Swedish label studio Barnhus’s latest string of releases have been intriguingly eclectic, from Bella Boo’s iterations of dancehall to Nikki Nair’s most un-Nikki Nair track to date. In the case of Baltimore producer LADYMONIX, the label touches on classic Chicago house. But, of course, things are never quite as straightforward

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.     The Chemical Brothers – Live Again The Chemical Brothers really want to make you dance again. The latest single to be shared from their anticipated upcoming album is the truly epic

This week, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh, contemporary house music that isn’t afraid to pop off. See what we have on repeat below.    Jessy Lanza -Don’t Leave Me Now  The latest single from Canadian producer Jessy Lanza is her first since relocating to LA, and

Strap in, because Ricardo Villalobos’ remix of Ela Minus and DJ Python’s Abril Lluvias Mil is over 40 minutes long. Yes. Forty. Minutes. That’s long enough to cook a lasagna, watch an episode of Friends, and take a power nap. But is it really necessary? Let’s be clear: the music

With the 90s resurgence and Y2K nostalgia continuing to dominate the cultural landscape, the resurgence of significant electronic music acts whose sound defined dance through that decade is unsurprising. From Orbital to Leftfield, the past year has seen many of these iconic acts re-enter the chat with new bodies of

When you speak with Michael Kronenberger, AKA Milk & Sugar, you’re instantly aware that you’re in the presence of a veteran. Starting as a duo together with Steffen Harding in the mid-90’s, Milk & Sugar would quickly become regarded as an authority in European house, informed as much by the

Since 2018, Compton rapper and producer Channel Tres has been staging a cultural reclamation of Black pioneered music. Blending the futurist pulse of Detroit techno and the grooving soul of Chicago house with the swaggering gait of West Coast hip-hop, Channel Tres has been quietly redefining club and rap music,

Originating from a known region of cultural innovation, DJ Pierre is a contributor to the development of the arts in Chicago, USA. That is to say, he is one of the godfathers of the Acid House genre. Prohibition aside, the American DJ helped define the genre through his participation in

For those introduced to Nene H during the cycle of her debut album, Ali, you may associate her most closely with a style of techno that takes hard hitting austerity, and stirs it up with atmospheric ambience rooted in cultural pathos and emotional gravitas. The blue-tinged world of Ali, a

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