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Saâda Bonaire – 1992

The story of Saâda Bonaire is near perfect pop folklore. A German studio project making left-field synthpop fused with elements of Kurdish and Turkish folk music, the band were basically dropped by EMI in the mid-80’s moments before the impending release of their debut album. Having far exceeded their A&R

Late last year, we interviewed Sofi Tukker before they embarked on their first tour since lockdown. We asked, “if there was any artist they’d want to work with, who would it be?” The answer came without hesitation: Stromae. It’s easy to see why. The Belgian singer, songwriter, and rapper emerged

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock We all have preconceived notions regarding countries around the world and assumptions of their residents; this is something we certainly cannot deny, especially if we have never visited or lived in those countries ourselves. We are only really ‘informed’ via news stations or fiction we see

(Words by our Music Editor Natalie Wardle.) The London-born, Brooklyn-based Sudanese frontman of Sinkane – Ahmed Gallab has been an enigmatic force in world music over the last decade. His American band, DFA’s Sinkane have gained a loyal following of fans in Europe thanks to their relentless touring, and Gallab’s

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