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Schwefelgelb – Whirlpool-Gedanken

German duo Schwefelgelb have always preferred to refer to their techno as ‘body music.’ Indeed, theirs is one of the most programmed to propulsive to come out of Berlin, full of heart pounding bass and incessant, relentless beats. Their body music takes no prisoners, and has always done so by

In theatre terms, the cyclorama is a blank canvas. A backdrop that blankets the walls of the stage, it can transform the scene into a sunrise, a sunset, a playing field for light to provide the illusion of depth and space. Ariel Zetina is a theatre kid. The Chicago DJ

If you were fortunate enough to catch Detroit techno pioneer Robert Hood’s brief but brilliant set at this year’s Dekmantel Festival, you’d be hard pressed not to have been swept up in the masterful trajectory of his set. As the sun set on an increasingly more urgent Amsterdam Bos, Hood

Producer, DJ, and label head Jeremy Olander has a deep understanding of Swedish electronica, and why the sound that comes from these parts has such deft emotional resonance. He’s shaped his own in accordance to this tradition, establishing himself as a visionary of sorts in melodic house and progressive techno.

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