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Q+A: 5 minutes with Unpropped

With deep reasons for creating art, Unpropped is unafraid of stepping beyond the boundaries. His latest offering, ‘Nousle’, is a palpitating track that skirts the edge of the musical ‘known’, chasing ever-onward like a steamroller on a well-oiled track.  Stream ‘Nousle’ on Spotify – iTunes The rising artist cites the

Let’s light up your Friday with a little bit of retro-disco from Vancouver-based producer Sleepy Tom. Earlier this week the producer released his first single in three years: ‘Call My Name’ via MNRK, featuring Dawn Pemberton and the Vancouver Youth Choir. To friends and family, the artist is known as

New York-born and based Sabrina Monique is making a name for herself one pop single at a time. Her latest track, ‘More Than A Friend’ was released just last Friday via United World Records and had Randy Merill (who has previously worked with Katy Perry, Muse and Lorde) step forward

If you wander down into the Melbourne streets tonight, chances are you’ll find some pretty cool sounds echoing around however, none quite as unique as local Holo and his latest single, ‘Bleu’ fresh off the Houseum presses. The song was created as a nod to Bicep’s ‘Glue’ with a light

Now we love watching artists rise and gain the recognition they deserve in the industry. Consider it a satisfying itch that’s scratched after riding the waves of the tumultuous past few years of performing arts. Naturally, we were excited when we’d found out that GONE, whom we sat down for

Join us as we sit down with the German-based DJ who managed to instil us with hope for the future with one epic remix. Wankelmut returns from the shadows, laden with an original piece of work created in collaboration with rising producers Xoro and Felix Samuel and released via the

Take a moment to meet Elektro Guzzi, the live techno band from Austria that’s about to take the world by storm. The trio is comprised of Bernhard Hammer on the guitar, Jakob Schneidewind on the bass and Bernhard Breuer on drums who are all currently building towards the release of

Let’s be honest: we’re all looking for that next undeniably good single to connect people on a global scale. Enter Joris Delacroix and his latest single, ‘Homie’ – released yesterday and ready to provide all of those uplifting vibes in time for the year-end. The French producer, known for his

Image credit: Ming Chen It’s always curious when a song created decades ago stays with a person: watching them evolve and transform into new identities. What new hat or persona will the character try on next? What road will appear before them with the beloved song playing in their ears

Now, we’ve frequently discussed the importance of collaborations and the impact they can have on the music industry as elements from far and wide come together to make a new project work. Take London-based quartet, Jet-G for example, who first arrived on our radar with the dramatic single ‘Give Me

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