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Ben Howard – Is It?

That Ben Howard can play musical hopscotch, flitting from one style to the next, while maintaining a melodic and musical identity is testament to the English singer-songwriter’s preternatural talents. His approach to music is intrinsically natural to him, and hitherto unique from everyone else. The finger-plucked guitar popularised by him

British producer Jack Latham, AKA Jam City, is often overlooked for his contributions to the current direction of dance oriented pop music and the sound of the underground. His unique style combines influences from across genres such as grime, R&B, and electronic, and since his lauded 2012 debut Classical Curves,

Readying themselves and listeners for their sophomore album, Irish Indie Rock band The Burma present their latest fuzzy single, ‘23’, a cloudy haze of inverted vocal reverberations, pillow-soft notes, and underwater instrumentations. Dunked in goopy fuzz, the track fizzles like an ice-cold soda on a hot summer’s day.  Stream /

William Orbit is like a comet. The English producer and composer had been active since the 70’s as more of a background player than main act, though every now and again, he’d experience a resurgence of sorts at the apex of the decade. Prepare to Energize in the 80’s, Fascinating

It’s possible that Australian producer Teneil Throssell’s greatest superpower under her club music alias HAAi, is her pysch-rock origin story. As HAAi, Throssell has been cultivating a sonic identity over the past few years that has become notorious for its high energy, acidic, peak time energy. But under the rave

The wait is over for the release of dj poolboi’s latest album stay just a little while longer. This Unbelievably Spectacular release blurs conventions and crosses as many boundaries it possibly can genre-wise. The result is a remarkable odyssey of work featuring musicians from around the globe. Stream/ download: stay

Image: Embassy One If you Google Copenhagen trio WhoMadeWho, you may notice that they’re listed as ‘experimental pop.’ Now, in the current landscape where artists like Lotic are subverting pop tropes left right and centre and where hyperpop has become a legitimate genre, maybe this is not entirely accurate. However,

Cuushe x Kate Nv | Nobody (remix) | Flau Release Date: 13 January, 2021 ‘WAKEN’ Remix Album Release Date: 10 March, 2021 Returning after seven years without an LP, we are thrilled to see Tokyo-based musician Cuushe return with not only her new album ‘Waken’ which she released in 2020,

BUMPER | pop songs 2020 | Self-Released Release Date: 4 September, 2020 In a brand new collaboration; American musicians Michelle Zauner: otherwise known under her musical moniker for her indie-pop project Japanese Breakfast, and Ryan Galloway of the alternative rock band Crying have come together in a new project by

Holy Wave | Interloper (single) | The Reverberation Appreciation Society / Levitation Single Release Date: 1 May, 2020 Album Release Date: 3 July, 2020 With the ebb and flow of Holy Wave’s ethereal, dreamlike tide we find ourselves soaked in walls of sound, the fluidity of which lapping lovingly at

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