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Q+A: 5 minutes with Koala Voice

Breaking into the international music market can be a challenge for non-native English-speaking musicians. It is for this reason that it doesn’t seem to happen often, but this is not true for today’s Q+A guests. Koala Voice is a Slovene band that has seen the world so to speak, having

Black Light White Light is a band of the moments, a band who follows their collective intuitions instead of formulas or predetermined plans. Where other bands attempt, albeit unsuccessfully, to squeeze their music into a mould one size too small, Black Light White Light does the exact opposite.  Stream /

Since 2001, English singer and songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor has established a legacy as one of our most celebrated contemporary disco divas. Pivoting from the indie rock of her former band Theaudeince, Ellis-Bextor found her voice in a dizzying mix of nu-disco, French touch house, and electronic pop, equipped with an

Readying themselves and listeners for their sophomore album, Irish Indie Rock band The Burma present their latest fuzzy single, ‘23’, a cloudy haze of inverted vocal reverberations, pillow-soft notes, and underwater instrumentations. Dunked in goopy fuzz, the track fizzles like an ice-cold soda on a hot summer’s day.  Stream /

After seven long years, M83’s new album Fantasy has finally arrived, and it’s a sonic journey that sees Anthony Gonzalez going in search of himself. The album marks a fusion of his past selves, blending the shoegaze style of Saturdays=Youth and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming with some of the unconventional

In August, UK band Mellor released their first single of 2022 titled ‘Gargoyle Groove’. The record would later be followed by two more, namely ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ and ‘Battle Hardened’. Together, these three singles would form the cookie-crumb trail leading to the release of their new album Problematic

It’s official. Rock band The Burma have released their brand new album Sucker For Stars. Let’s unlatch the bonnet and see what makes this baby roar. Starting strong, the record ‘Out In The Heat’ is a scorcher. Like being caught in a seductress’s snare, we are drawn to the band’s

Right from the get-go, kaleidoscopic rock band Mellor makes an impression with the release of their latest psychedelic single ‘Gargoyle Groove’, a taste of what is to come from their pending album Problematic Passions. Complete with unforgiving percussions, gritty guitars, and an attitude that would anger even the least sensible

A new day has begun and you can start anew. The Burma’s latest video for their single ‘Sleepers’ channels this carpe diem energy. The track was released via The Burma Music, and has received extensive support from Irish iTunes and The Homegrown Top 20 Official Charts. This latest video from

Image Credit: Hot Vox London-based four-piece Giant Sky’s latest album Not Today released via Bloody Sunset Records will lead the mind to wander back to days when you wore too much eyeliner. Consisting of musicians Jon Hatch, Toby Mcfee, Jay Amesbury and vocalist Olivia Bond, the band have been sharing

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