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Epic Games and Google reach agreement regarding policy changes to in-app purchases

In an update on the ongoing Bandcamp vs. Google case, Bandcamp’s parent company Epic Games have reportedly reached an agreement with Google regarding changes to Google’s in-app purchasing policies.  Earlier this month, it was reported that Epic Games were suing Google regarding the proposed changes to their payment policies for Android

Epic Games is suing Google over changes to its payment system on Android which would affect its new acquisition Bandcamp, reports Resident Advisor. The proposed changes, scheduled to come into effect on June 1st, would require Bandcamp and other Android apps use Google Pay Billing and pay Google a share

Video game developer Epic Games has acquired ownership of Bandcamp. The Fortnite creators announced yesterday that it has bought the online record store, an essential haven for independent artists and their fans. On Bandcamp, artists can expect to earn an average of 82% on every sale, a revenue model that

Image via Getty Bandcamp announced this week that it would be extending Bandcamp Fridays for the remainder of 2021.  The initiative which launched in March of last year sees Bandcamp waive their revenue share on the first Friday of every month in an effort to support artists during the Covid-19

For 24 hours on June 19th from midnight – midnight Pacific time, the music platform will be donating 100% of profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund “in support of racial justice, equality and change.“ In order to even begin to tackle the overwhelming amount of unrest and traumatic, horrific

Last week Friday as Bandcamp waived their fees on May 1st, the company saw a whopping $7.1 million in sales that go directly to the artists. In March, Bandcamp announced they had decided to waive all fees from their sales for a 24 hour period on the 20th of March;

Bandcamp will be waiving their usual fees (again) in order for all sales to go directly toward artists in the midst of economic turmoil in our community. As we’ve been coping with one of the most difficult global crises in recent human history; truly supporting each other as our lives

As an electronic composer, getting Techno “right” is no easy feat. Creating soundscapes that are so immersive they grab listeners with their cleverly constructed beats; techno to keep one in a trance, to close one’s eyes and dance to – and for some, techno to help one focus. Finding albums

By Jenna Dreisenstock Synthwave is a genre quite like no other. The honeyed nostalgia, woven intricately within a shimmering city-lights soundscape and neon aesthetic is a masterful art exhibition of unique ways to wield a synth. With artists showcasing endless possibilities of what it means to create electronic music; the

In the United States, yesterday September 25th was National Voter Registration Day. In light of the turbulence in the American political climate, acclaimed streaming service Bandcamp have announced a fundraiser on Friday September 29th –  working in support of the Voting Rights Project. 100% of the proceeds are going to

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