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UK government to scrap ‘Plan B’ restrictions

The UK government has reached a final decision in their plans to scrap Plan B. The initiative, which was put in place after ‘Freedom Day’ in July last year, made it required by law to provide proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test in order to enter nightclubs,

This past weekend UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he intends to scrap free lateral flow Covid-19 testing at concerts and live music events. In a report from The Sunday Times, it was revealed that Johnson plans to do away with free testing everywhere with the exception of high

England announced last week that it would officially be making vaccinations mandatory for entry into nightclubs and live music venues. The decision, which was originally proposed as early as May, has seen a huge amount of back and forth from the government concerning its enforcement. The choice to move forward

Image: Sarah Ginn A new report commissioned by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has revealed that 86,000 jobs in the nightlife sector have been lost in the UK since 2019, making the effect of the pandemic devastatingly clear. To further lend credence to the findings, the report also included

Image by Karel Chladek Wales has announced that they will be making vaccine passports mandatory for entry into nightclubs and large scale events. Under the new regulations, attendees to events and nightlife venues will need a valid NHS Covid-19 Pass to prove their full vaccination status, or have to have

In yet another U-turn, the U.K government has announced it will be scrapping plans to enforce making vaccine passports mandatory for entry into all clubs and live music venues. The plan had initially been revealed in July, shortly after the re-opening of the country’s nightlife and live music sectors. It

Image by Jack Taylor The U.K government’s proposal to enforce a vaccine passport policy at all nightlife venues will go ahead as planned. This means that it will be mandatory for patrons to be fully vaccinated in order to gain entry into nightclubs, live music venues and other potentially crowded

Image by Wil Crisp & Karla Hunter A new investigation by Wil Crisp for Mixmag has revealed that the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel justified granting emergency powers to police forces on illegal raves based off incorrect data provided by the Met Police during the first wave of the pandemic. 

Image by Jody Hartley A recent survey conducted by The Music Venue Trust has found that the number of people attending gigs at live music venues who are double-vaccinated are higher than the general public. The survey was carried out during the first month since “Freedom Day” and the official

Image by Emilie Pria 2012 was an important year for electronic music. The renewed interest in the sound of underground club music had brought about the birth of modern EDM and the superstar DJ, and by then this interest was reaching its peak. Also in 2012, a new music broadcasting

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