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News: The Night Time Industries Association Has Warned Of A Rise In Illegal Raves As England Announces 2nd Lockdown

PM Boris Johnson has announced that on November 5th, a second lockdown will be put in place. The Night Time Industries Association has warned that with a second lockdown, England has seen another rise in dangerous illegal raves. Following the announcement of a national Lockdown on Saturday, we have seen

Organisers will face severe fines, along with those who are found not wearing masks at unlicensed events and where mandatory. As summer began to make its way toward the UK, with coronavirus restrictions easing; English police braced themselves for what they believed would be “The Summer Of Illegal Raves”.  While

Clearly, people shouldn’t be shouting over loud music at this time, so a nuanced position is exactly right. But that doesn’t justify starting with a ban… …As a compromise, there should be controlled background music, set to a maximum of 70db(A). Nick Stewart Owner of Sneaky Pete’s Member of the

The MTV Video Music Awards are still going ahead, yet will be relocated to outdoor locations in New York City to protect public health and safety. MTV’s Video Music Awards, one of the most well known music award ceremonies that takes place annually, is still going ahead despite the pandemic:

It’s frustrating that we are having to pull officers away from our 999 response to deal with the selfish actions of the organisers of this event and those attending it. Ian WylieChief SuperintendentAvon and Somerset Police As summer encompasses the Northern Hemisphere, in June it had already been predicted that,

With the shutdown of the live music industry across the world, a devastating amount of people have lost their sole livelihoods: as venues and nightclubs in almost every country have been required to close their doors for health and safety, with concerts and festivals following suit as they have been

Last week Friday as Bandcamp waived their fees on May 1st, the company saw a whopping $7.1 million in sales that go directly to the artists. In March, Bandcamp announced they had decided to waive all fees from their sales for a 24 hour period on the 20th of March;

The massive financial losses caused by the coronavirus outbreak are severely affecting the creative sector. As the severity of the crisis we are facing grows worse each day, the entire human race is being forced to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic head on with drastic measures – as cases continue to

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