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Spotify rumoured to introduce HiFi audio with new Premium tier

Rumours are circulating that Spotify is set to launch a pricier subscription service on its platform by the end of 2023.   According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the streaming service may introduce the ‘Supremium’ plan in the coming months, which will provide HiFi audio quality and expanded access

In the past ten years, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have revitalised the record industry, rescuing it from the decline it faced in the early 2000s due to a drop in physical music sales and the rise of digital piracy. However, as the streaming industry has matured, record

Popular music streaming service Deezer has taken a significant step in combating the proliferation of AI-generated music on its platform by introducing advanced technology that can identify and remove such tracks. In an effort to combat the presence of illegal and fraudulent content, Deezer has developed special software designed to

In a move aimed at tackling the long-standing issue of fair pay for artists, a working group has been established in the UK to delve into the matter and propose potential solutions. The decision to form the industry working group came after a recommendation made earlier this year by the

Moving Shadow, the influential UK label established in 1990, has made its extensive catalogue of over 200 EPs, more than 30 albums, and other releases available on the streaming platform Spotify. The Moving Shadow page on Spotify offers not only the label’s own music but also carefully curated playlists by

SoundCloud, the popular streaming service and distribution company, has laid off 8% of its workforce in an effort to improve profitability, according to reports from Billboard, Variety, and Resident Advisor. The decision was made by SoundCloud’s CEO Eliah Seton, who took on the role in March. This marks the second

Spotify’s contentious new feature, Spotify DJ, is now available to paid users in the UK and Ireland. Developed in collaboration with Sonantic, a voice technology company, and OpenAI, Spotify DJ aims to provide a more personalised listening experience. While AI has long powered Spotify’s recommendation algorithms, this feature takes it

Heardle, a music-guessing app spun-off from The New York Times’ Wordle game, is set to shut down less than ten months after its acquisition by Spotify. Similar to the popular word game, Heardle challenges players to identify a song every day for points.  Spotify purchased the game in July 2022,

Spotify has decided to shut down its live audio streaming app, Spotify Live. Spotify Live, which functioned as a separate app to Spotify, allowed users to stream and interact with live audio, including podcasts and music. According to MusicAlly, who broke the story yesterday, the company believes that there is

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has faced criticism from artists and other members of the music industry for reducing royalty payments on songs played through its Discovery feed.  Under the expanded plans of its Discovery Mode feature, Spotify will decrease royalty payments for streams in exchange for increased exposure

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