Direct-To-Artist Sales: Bandcamp To Waive Fees On May 1st In Effort To Support Musicians

Bandcamp will be waiving their usual fees (again) in order for all sales to go directly toward artists in the midst of economic turmoil in our community.

As we’ve been coping with one of the most difficult global crises in recent human history; truly supporting each other as our lives and economies have been turned upside down has been a notable development, and a true sign of solidarity and empathy despite how turbulent it is for all.

As the music industry has taken blow after blow; whether it be albums postponed, concerts and festivals cancelled – or even more so detrimental in the long run, venues being forced to shut their doors: especially small businesses and clubs losing their ability to stay afloat (if they are even able to make it through this period of economic loss) and of course, the extremely upsetting rates of unemployment and loss of income for many struggling to make it through.

In order to support musicians in the industry, Bandcamp have once again announced that they will be waiving all of their fees on May the 1st – all proceeds from sales will be fully directed toward the artists on the platform, in the hopes we can assist those who have been economically affected by the pandemic.

On March the 20th, Bandcamp waived its fees for the first time, showcasing a direct to artist payment option – the platform saw users spend over a whopping $4 million in sales in one single day – that benefited the artists directly, with no fees whatsoever. On the platform, there are also labels who (even extending further than March 20th) have decided to either follow suit with all money going toward artists directly, or to charities involved in assisting those who need it most during this time.

Be sure to head to Bandcamp on May 1st so we can support our musicians and our community as much as is possible. Every cent counts. Working together we can help each other in unprecedented ways, let’s see if we can break March’s incredible $4 million in sales!

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