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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Addresses Platform Backlash & Financial Growth In Recent Interview

Music Ally engaged in a lengthy interview with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, speaking on the company’s financial growth as well as addressing criticism directed toward Spotify for poor treatment of artists on their platform. Following the release of streaming giant Spotify’s latest financial statistics on July 29th; Spotify CEO Daniel

This case epitomizes the issue at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement—systemic racism. Opening StatementAttorneys for Plaintiff, Candace Newman Live Nation has consistently been in the spotlight in the music industry for some time now – for reasons that are not exactly positive. The promotion and ticket giant

As anti-racist Black Lives Matter protesters in America and around the globe demand liberation from the systemic racism and police brutality that plagues the world at large, June 19th is swiftly approaching – remembered as extremely important in the United States, even though it has never been recognised as a

SXSW was scheduled to take place in March in Austin, Texas, before being cancelled to coronavirus concerns. In its first cancellation during its 34 year run, South By Southwest (SXSW) which takes place over 10 days in Austin, Texas – originally scheduled for March 12-20 – suffered a major blow

Apple Music, along with its other exclusive features such as Apple Arcade, are set to expand into 52 countries – mainly rolling out across Africa. One of the world’s leading technology corporations, and more recently within the past 5 years, music streaming giant Apple have announced that they will be

Bandcamp will be waiving their usual fees (again) in order for all sales to go directly toward artists in the midst of economic turmoil in our community. As we’ve been coping with one of the most difficult global crises in recent human history; truly supporting each other as our lives

The massive financial losses caused by the coronavirus outbreak are severely affecting the creative sector. As the severity of the crisis we are facing grows worse each day, the entire human race is being forced to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic head on with drastic measures – as cases continue to

In order to make up for lost revenue, Spotify is requesting money from artists and labels in order to promote their music inside the streaming app. There’s no denying that streaming giant Spotify has been hugely impactful on the music industry, and in recent months has begun to branch out

It is said that within the artistic realm, there is no such thing as true originality. The theory states that within our current world, because of our accessibility to an incredible plethora of media – whether it be art, music or even writing and academics – the concept of originality

Spotify has found itself in the spotlight once again, and (once again) most certainly not for the right reasons. Whether it’s lawsuits, feature rollbacks or ad campaigns: Spotify seems to be struggling when it comes to presenting itself as a company that puts musicians first. The streaming giant’s latest moves

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