Bandcamp New Releases: Retro Synthwave Roundup

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Synthwave is a genre quite like no other. The honeyed nostalgia, woven intricately within a shimmering city-lights soundscape and neon aesthetic is a masterful art exhibition of unique ways to wield a synth. With artists showcasing endless possibilities of what it means to create electronic music; the retro, video-game 80’s goodness and experimentation in timbre is a distinctive highlight in the music world. An experience in both captivating musicality and a striking aesthetic (bringing us eye-candy artworks that are difficult to look away from) the genre truly stands out amongst many other forms of electronic music.

With that being said, discovering new music is sometimes a difficult task, with many talented artists around the world – releasing albums all at once. Bandcamp is a fantastic platform for discovering new artists, but gems can often get lost amidst the vast amounts of music uploaded each day. With this being said, we decided to spend some time finding some great new and experimental synthwave albums that we believe definitely deserve your attention.

We’ve listed and embedded some newly released albums below that really stood out to us upon discovery.

Let us know what you think!

LURID – ‘Distance

AWITW – ‘We Are Hypersensitive

Psybolord – ‘Swan Princess

Tedium Cool – ‘Midnight Tapes

Alex In The Time Machine – ‘Dance Horror & Hysteria

Digital Gunman – ‘Hollow Void

Unfound  – ‘Anomaly

Gab Manette – ‘Paradise Mall

けもの Galleria –  ‘HINODE’

Neutron Dreams – ‘Digital Jungle

Melting Bow – ‘Slow Teleportation


HOLOGRAM – ‘Endless Journey

FRACTAL MAN – ‘Secret Island

DESTRYUR – ‘Cannibal Girls

We hope you enjoyed our picks.

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What are some of your favourite synthwave albums? 

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