Bandcamp New Releases: Techno To Get Your Heart Beating

As an electronic composer, getting Techno “right” is no easy feat. Creating soundscapes that are so immersive they grab listeners with their cleverly constructed beats; techno to keep one in a trance, to close one’s eyes and dance to – and for some, techno to help one focus. Finding albums that truly stand out in the techno realm may be a difficult feat, yet those that do are pure gems. Bandcamp is one of our favourite places to discover new, innovative music; and the artists that deserve to be recognised for their talents. With this being said, we’ve put together a list of just a few techno albums that stood out to us during our search.

Below are 10 techno albums to get your heart racing!

CXXVII – 88756

Basic – Linguaggio Macchina

Addiction – Ozone

Crown Of Plenty (Self-Titled)

In The Pressure Of The Situation – HardtraX

Abort Proceed – Manny Zagri

Psychedelic (EP) – Gostwork

Cosmic Revenant – Teragon

The Handmaid’s Tale – Persohna

Double Negative – Volker Black

We hope you enjoyed our list. Let us know some of your favourite techno albums, and artists! Be sure to show your support to the artists on Bandcamp.

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