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Q&A: Fives minutes with Kmyle

As a musician, France’s Kmyle is as much a technician as he is a producer. His incredible technical skillset and prowess with machinery is likely due to early roots in classical music, and this foundation would eventually ground the artist’s exploration into his obsession with the “repetitive rhythms of electronic

Image by Julien Lasota France has consistently produced some of electronic music’s most cutting edge creators. The evolution of the French touch has earnestly embraced other forms of club music, arriving at the banging electroclash of artists such as Vitalic and John Lord Fonda. Fonda is a more elusive creature

Image courtesy The Hacker Fellow French electroclash artists The Hacker and Commuter are preparing to release their collaborative EP, Roentgen via Cultivated Electronics, due on 14 June. Across three tracks of punchy electro, the artists experiment with vintage synths to formulate a machine funk informed by the technology of Chernobyl,

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Justice have just released a new video for a single taken off their recent album ‘Woman Worldwide’ that’s guaranteed to make viewers flinch. The French electro duo worked with previous collaborator Edouard Salier on the new video, which follows a scar-faced bodybuilder in stiletto heels dancing

Introducing CLASSICO by Black Strobe’s Arnaud Rebotini & David Carretta. Arnaud Rebotini (also previously a member of Death Metal band Burn Your Own Church) & electro legend David Carretta pay tribute to their macho duel passions in this charmingly kitsch labour of love: Football culture & Electro Techno beats fit

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