Justice drops gasp-worthy new video for ‘Love S.O.S’ single

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Justice have just released a new video for a single taken off their recent album ‘Woman Worldwide’ that’s guaranteed to make viewers flinch. The French electro duo worked with previous collaborator Edouard Salier on the new video, which follows a scar-faced bodybuilder in stiletto heels dancing in a nightclub and then takes a violent turn.

Salier explained the ‘Love S.O.S’ video concept and said,“Xavier and Gaspard wanted ‘Love SOS’ to be sexy, strange and brutal. The song is sweaty and weeping; the visuals needed to illustrate this and to be as beautiful as they are disturbing.

Also explaining that, “I wanted the spectator of the video to find themselves in the same voyeuristic position as the audience attending the show: first, to find ourselves fascinated by the performance of the pole dance, then surprised and hypnotised by its outcome.”

The single ‘Love S.O.S’ comes from the album that Justice released just last month, which features reworked versions of the French duo’s songs from their 2016 album, ‘Woman’, based on the live versions played at shows.

Watch the video for ‘Love S.O.S’ by Justice, below.

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