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Q+A: Five more minutes with Yulia Niko

When we last spoke with Berlin based producer Yulia Niko, she was preparing for some of the biggest stages of her career thus far. Flash forward to now, and Niko has evolved into an artist hungrier than ever. Closing out 2022 by providing Get Physical with their final release of

Someone with the status that British techno icon and Ibiza legend Carl Cox has doesn’t necessarily have to release albums. Aside from this being the streaming age, where singles are more lucrative, Cox’s bread and butter are his lauded live sets and residencies. He is, without question, one of the

DJ and producer Alex Wilcox found his way to Berlin by way of Austin, Texas, determined to f*** some shit up. The tracks he makes speak directly toward this modus operandi. They play like hyperactive, erratic Frankenstein’s monsters of dance music’s most propulsive styles and sounds, stitched together into fluorescent

In the decade since his last solo LP, Marcel Dettman has solidified his status as an icon in underground techno. His position as Berghain resident and work with legendary labels such as Ostgut Ton and his own MDR and Bad Manners has made him one of the most influential artists

Somewhere on the internet, thanks to an elusive bootlegger known only as partyrockersish, there exists a mashup of quasi-parody act LMFAO’s definitive Party Rock Anthem with UK underground stalwart Actress’s Maze. It shouldn’t make sense. But the fact that this pinnacle of lowbrow dance music should mesh so seamlessly with

In September, UK electronic and alternative music duo Mount Kimbie shook the status quo with the release of their EP, MK 3.5: In Your Eyes & A Deities Encore | Q & Quartz. Kai Campos and Dom Maker challenged the boundaries of what it means to release music as a

If Hagop Tchaparian seems familiar, it’s for good reason. He’s been active behind the scenes of acts like Hot Chip as both producer and manager, quietly contributed to underground compilations, and even flirted with fame as the guitarist of punk rock band Symposium. Lately, he’s fostered a creative relationship with

With a lifelong commitment to music and a knack for splicing together genres, the progressive house DJ and producer known as CONFLUENCE recently released his new record titled ‘My Everything’, a song that traverses boundaries and swims in oceans of melodious colouration. Mustering his skillset, he combines the thrill of

As a musician, France’s Kmyle is as much a technician as he is a producer. His incredible technical skillset and prowess with machinery is likely due to early roots in classical music, and this foundation would eventually ground the artist’s exploration into his obsession with the “repetitive rhythms of electronic

On last year’s Reporting From Detroit, minimal techno visionaire Terrence Dixon mapped a portrait of the city that made him. Like sonic cartography, the music on Reporting echoed the architecture of his home city, both physical and social. Sparse, spacious, yet simultaneously dense, Dixon notes how his ‘Detroit techno’ comes

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