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Bridging The Gap With Electronic Music: South Africa’s Youth Empowerment NPO ‘Bridges For Music’

“We believe electronic music is a universal language that can be used to break down socio-economic boundaries. Music and artists can help bridge the extensive gap that exists between the rich and the poor as well as between different races in developing countries.” Bridges For Music is a non-profit organisation

Image: Arnold van der Walt Written by Maya-Rose Torrão This year’s SpiltMilk festival marked the third year of Full Cream Entertainment’s South African techno fest, featuring an exceptional line-up with Berlin techno DJ Kevin de Vries as the international headliner, supported by South African producers Ryan Murgatroyd and STAB Virus,

Tiaan du Toit and Jamie Christensen aka Wax Beach are an electronic duo currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Initially formed as a production project in 2013 by Christensen, du Toit was soon enlisted as a full time member soon after. Tiaan joined Jamie to work on demo productions

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Christian Tiger School are an electronic duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists and producers Luc Veermeer and Sebastiano Zanasi based in Cape Town, South Africa. To date the duo have released a number of singles, remixes, two full length albums and have collaborated with similarly like-minded artists and

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Nicolaas van Reenen aka Fever Trails is a multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. Former guitarist for indie-post-rock band Bateleur, and guest for South African electronic hip-hop artist Spoek Mathambo, Fever Trails has graced stages and speakers with van Reenen’s own eclectic blend

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Medicine Boy are an alternative rock band hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. The band was formed in 2014 by Andre Leo and Lucy Kruger, and later joined on stage by drummer Werner von Waltsleben. Dubbed as ‘dream-noise’, Medicine Boy meld elements of dream-pop and noise-rock

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Twin Weaver are a four piece alternative band hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. Their music can be best described as a majestic stir of genres such as alternative-pop and ‘90s inspired shoegazing akin to that of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. To date, Twin Weaver

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Dangerfields are a four-piece alternative band from Cape Town, South Africa. Blending elements of early post-punk and ’90s shoegaze together, they have crafted their own unique vision into an alluring formula, both rich in texture and flawless in sound. Inspired by greats such as Joy Division, DIIV

Psych Night and VANS present Endless Daze Festival, which will take place at Silwerstroom Resort (45 minutes up the West Coast from Cape Town, South Africa) between 3 – 5 November 2017. With the full lineup released, Endless Daze has solidified itself as a not-to-be-missed festival of musical bliss. The Psych

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