Bridging The Gap With Electronic Music: South Africa’s Youth Empowerment NPO ‘Bridges For Music’

We believe electronic music is a universal language that can be used to break down socio-economic boundaries. Music and artists can help bridge the extensive gap that exists between the rich and the poor as well as between different races in developing countries.

Bridges For Music is a non-profit organisation which aims to bring together creatives who are otherwise at a disadvantage when it comes to studying, creating and sharing music – those living in underdeveloped communities, who would otherwise not have access to working with industry greats, furthering their musical careers and learning the technical skills that come with electronic music, and its impact on the world. Along with providing incredible opportunities to many, this allows for those who have previously not had a voice in music, to speak up with their talents.

On the 2nd of January 2019, Bridges For Music completed the construction of their first ever creative school in the township of Langa, which lies just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Many individuals living in townships are at a disadvantage due to rampant poverty. As stated on the Bridges For Music website: 

In townships, and other areas where poverty persists, young talented people are often attracted to a lifestyle of gang culture and criminal activity. However, for many of them music has become a driving force to overcome their struggles; but they lack the appropriate resources to assist them in furthering their careers.

With these creative resources available for the youth, it can create unprecedented opportunities for those who are not afforded the many privileges we take for granted, allowing them to be empowered, and empower themselves through electronic music. In March 2019, Bridges For Music launched a scholarship program in conjunction with the SAE Institute South Africa, which created opportunities for those chosen to learn the technical tools necessary in the industry – from music programs, to music business. Workshops held by the organisation have included special appearances by Bonobo and Ed Sheeran

Tomorrow (August 1st) Bridges For Music will be launching  their Music & Entrepreneurship Program, which is a 5 month course:

Our program has been designed by top educators and industry leaders to help you stand out and is focused around three pillars, Sound / Music,  Entrepreneurship and Mindfulness.

These incredible initiatives sparked by Bridges For Music can not only create a huge impact for individuals who would otherwise not have the resources to pursue a career in the music industry, but the initiatives stand as opportunities to reshape and empower communities who are at a systematic disadvantage. Bridges For Music is truly a remarkable program in South Africa, and could very well sculpt a whole new generation of electronic musicians.

As an NPO, Bridges For Music is accepting donations to continue their work within the community. Make sure to show your full support and donate here!

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