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Colleen flirts with dream pop on new album, ‘The Tunnel and the Clearing’

Image by Estudio Primo The arc suggested by French electronic ambient composer and multi-instrumentalist Colleen’s latest offering, The Tunnel and the Clearing, is simple. It is a journey from darkness to light, from one opening to the next. However, Colleen’s invocation of this journey takes what is otherwise a linear

Image by Marco Casino If there’s one thing certain about London-based Italian producer Not Waving, it’s that they have come to reveal themselves as a master in sonic shapeshifting. From their earlier work which located itself between unrelenting dance pop and the dark throbs of EBM (see: 2017’s Good Luck)

I Break Horses | Warnings | Bella Union Release Date: 8 May, 2020 In the era we live in, it feels as if everything around us has sped up – whether it means full seasons of tv series dropping on Netflix all at once, as opposed to watching episode by

Austra | HiRUDiN | Domino Recording Co. Release Date: 1 May, 2020 “Thinking about toxic relationships, I started reading about leeches –I learned that when they suck your blood, they release a peptide called hirudin that is the most potent anticoagulant in the world. So, although leeches themselves are considered

Little Dragon | New Me, Same Us | Ninja Tune Release Date: 27 March, 2020 Throughout their career Swedish synth-pop quartet Little Dragon have been known for their unique brand of spliced genres; from dreamlike indie, to trip-hop, R&B and soulful pop, over their career spanning an incredible decade –

Ilja Alexander, a London based dream-pop artist is making himself a firm favourite with fans with his latest release. ‘Someday’ via Green Monk Records, strikes the sweet point between nostalgia and daydreaming, bittersweet and wistful. The official music video for the single was featured in CLASH Magazine and we’re expecting

Carla dal Forno | Look Up Sharp |Kallista Records Release Date: October 4th, 2019 Feature Image: Carla dal Forno by @zachrisson Honeyed melancholia blooms within the navigation of everyday life; as we find ourselves not only traversing what we know – our cradled nostalgia, our comfort zones – but venturing,

M83 | DSVII | Mute Release Date: 20 September, 2019 Feature Image: Anthony Gonzalez (sourced via Facebook, photographer unnamed) Wandering within a new world; a striking bold adventure ensues as landscapes sing vivid colour in a fantasy dream. Our hero boasts an infallible courage; brandishing weapons in an enemy plight

PINERO|SERENE is an alternative/dreamscape duo based in London. They have recently released their debut single ‘Take My Soul’ and today share the follow-up ‘Dead Flowers’ which was premiered on TMRW Magazine.  Neeq Serene and Cheryl Pinero are the creative force behind the band, creating a potent mix of bass-infused, grungy

With the constant introduction of new media, our consumption of music, television & film can be quite overwhelming. In the age we live in, it feels as though every second there is a new release – and it can definitely be hard to keep up. Music videos are no different;

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