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AISTÈ – The Theory Of Everything

Today, we are reviewing something truly special. The subject of our discussion is an album by a budding artist with undeniable talent. An artist who, with a love for classic generation-defining acts like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, has it all. The panache, the poise, and the fire. You name

Producer KID BE KID is a bit of a rebel. Having outgrown the restrictions that piano sheet music placed on her self-expression, she now taps her inner contrarian to explore unsung subject matter, which we can hear in her new record ‘Naked Times’, out under the Fun In The Church

Inspired by the late, great Michael Jackson, songwriter Cimo Fränkel shakes up the proverbial snow globe this year with his seasonal-themed record ‘This Christmas’. Like the King of Pop, he is all about giving. Putting power behind his voice, he captures the feel of the festive blues, reminiscing over love

Three-piece band KARMACODA, who we interviewed, has released a new album titled Lessons In Time. The LP includes the previously unheard song ‘Time Flies’ as well as the already-released singles ‘Fly By’ and ‘Fire’. Signed under the Sola Musa Music imprint, the 13-track project is available across all major streaming

Soaking us in a splash of emotive pop, Cimo Fränkel has given life to a deluxe edition of his self-titled album, adding an additional 8 tracks to the already lively Cimo Fränkel project, which he released under Cimo Fränkel / AWAL. A continuous thread of honesty and reverence underpins Cimo’s

Sometimes when two sounds collide, they produce an explosion of sonic fireworks so bright that they set fire to the heavens, as is the case with emotive musicians Cimo Fränkel and Skofee. The pair have imbued Cimo’s original song, ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love’, with new energy, recreating the

What is love if not a timeless wellspring of inspiration? Award-winning singer Sofia Evangelina has drawn from this very fountain to create her latest song ‘Get Outta My Head’, released under Tsarina Records. With an early 2000s pop influence reminiscent of Christina Aguilera, Sofia embodies unadulterated ardor, pouring passion into

ELIS NOA’s sophomore LP, I Was Just About To Leave strips down the process of letting go and lays it bare, dissecting each point of frustration and creating their own little interlude for it.  Released today via Las Vegas Records, the album was created to describe the journey of closure

It’s rare that you can find an instant soulful classic when it comes to music these days. ELIS NOA provide the perfect, gentle interlude to the overproduced creations on the market at the moment with their recently released refined single ‘Weights’.  The classically trained Austrian pair are quickly rising in

serpentwithfeet | Fellowship | Secretly Canadian Release Date: 25 January, 2021 In a brand new offering by vocalist, songwriter and producer serpentwithfeet, the artist has released ‘Fellowship’ as his album ‘DEACON‘ approaches; with a set release date of March 26th via Secretly Canadian. Co-written and co-produced with Sampha and Lil

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