When you speak with Michael Kronenberger, AKA Milk & Sugar, you’re instantly aware that you’re in the presence of a veteran. Starting as a duo together with Steffen Harding in the mid-90’s, Milk & Sugar would quickly become regarded as an authority in European house, informed as much by the then growing nu-disco movement as the classic sounds of Chicago. Three decades later, Kronenberger has opened a new chapter of the Milk & Sugar story as he takes the name solo. When we spoke last year, Milk & Sugar had just put out the throwback record Spirit Of House. Featuring both the legend Ron Carroll and the new guard CASSIM, Spirit Of House is emblematic of Kronenberger’s new direction for Milk & Sugar; to honour the history of house while embracing its inevitable future. Today sees the release of Milk & Sugar’s latest, Lift Your Hands Up. A euphoric piano house anthem with diva vocals to boot, the track is evidence that Kronenberger may be feeling more inspired and rooted in his origins than ever before. Admittedly late, have a listen to our conversation with the DJ and producer below, where we touch on the history of house music and its current resurgence, and what this means to an artist like Kronenberger, for whom house is home. 


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